Cardiovascular Institute of Trinity

The Cardiovascular Institute Institute of Trinity was created by ten of the top cardiologists in the Tampa Bay area. This collaborative group has dedicated themselves to redefining the future of cardiac care in their privately owned state-of-the-art ambulatory cardiac care facility, equipped with the latest technologies available.

Independently, these innovative physicians operate five separate cardiology practices and serve seven hospitals. Their combined expertise embraces all aspects of cardiac care, including diagnostic cardiology, interventional cardiology, peripheral vascular interventions, and all aspects of cardiac rhythm management. Together, they have performed over 10,000 cardiac ablations, 14,000 electrophysiology studies, 11,000 device implantations, 45,000 heart catheterizations, and 18,000 peripheral vascular studies.


Study of the heart and the blood vessels that feed the heart muscle; catheter-based diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as narrow, weak, or blocked arteries

Peripheral Vascular

Nonsurgical procedures that allow doctors to study blood flow to your legs and feet and open arteries that are narrowed or blocked


Procedures that analyze and treat abnormal heart rhythms or electrical impulses.

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The Heart & Rhythm Institute and Cardiovascular Institute of Trinity are accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc., a nonprofit organization that establishes standards for ambulatory health care organizations.

The AAAHC Certificate of Accreditation is the mark of a facility committed to delivery of safe, high-quality care for patients. AAAHC accreditation also certifies  organizations that participate in ongoing self-evaluation, peer review, and education, and undergo an AAAHC on-site survey at least every three years.

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2035 Little Road Trinity, FL 34655
Phone: (727) 784-6992
Fax: (727) 781-0413
Dr. Patrick Cambier MD, FACC, FSCAI


4740 Mile Stretch Drive Holiday, FL 34690
Phone: (727)943-5200 Fax: (727)943-5201
Dr. Najam Javeed MD
Dr. Rias Ali MD, FACC